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Gladys Huamaní - President

I´m Peruvian native and I love to travel to know different places and cultures even knowing the lifestyles.  I wanted friends and family to experience the same excitement and wonder that I enjoyed while traveling in different places and friends and family wanted authentic travel experiences.

They didn't, however, want to go at it on their own. So I used my own experiences and lots of help from friends in each destination that we decided to offer to create a travel company that offers everyone the chance to discover the culture and places that I love. It's an honor to be part of a community of such discerning travelers and to be part of planning their most perfect adventures.

We wish to make your visit to Peru unforgettable and for you to learn things that will contribute to changing a little bit of yourself, just as Peru and travel has done for me. Sharing this sense of transformation with each PERU TO TRAVEL guest coming to Peru in whatever way is meaningful to you is my greatest reward.

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